Children are encouraged to join various school clubs to enhance their social skills and to develop a keen sense of social responsibility. We also have music and creative arts programmes that introduce children to playing the piano and expressing themselves through various art forms. This is a peculiar hallmark of Tema Ridge School and is greatly loved by children. The school also periodically organizes excursions and educational visits to various places of interest.



In the Bible study club, children read and discuss the bible, watch Christian movies, learn new songs among others. Issues of life are discussed from a biblical point of view.



Students in the after-school music programme are taught to play various musical instruments including the piano, guitar, violin and flute.



The School encourages the active learning of a second international language among students and has introduced an after-school French language skills class for children of all ages. The International Language Skills Programme is handled by seasoned French Instructors. Tema Ridge School has a modern language laboratory to support the programme.



Students participating in the ballet classes are taught ballet-dancing and periodically participate in external dance events.



Salsa has become a very popular form of dance and exercise and this is one of the favourite programmes for children of Tema Ridge School.



Science is all around us. The main goal of the science club is to help children develop their creativity, sharpen their curiosity and develop an understanding of how science fits into the world around us. Recently, Robotics has been introduced in our “Summer Camp” activities and this is a great hit with children.



Baseball is a fast-growing sport in Tema Ridge School and already gaining popularity among students. The Baseball Team also regularly participates in external tournaments. The School recently received a donation of baseball equipment from the National Baseball Association.

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