Pre-school is one of the most important stages in the educational cycle as the foundation is laid upon which further development takes place. The formative years of a child's life are perhaps the most vital for us as educators and for parents as well. Children at pre-school level learn through play. At Tema Ridge, we therefore place emphasis on appropriate child care, creating the right learning environment, providing adequate learning and teaching aids, trained staff and reasonable teacher-child ratios. We also have creative art programmes that stimulate and unearth creative abilities in our children and allow them to express themselves in various ways. Developing self-confidence and mastering the basic learning and motor skills are key.

We also have a creche to serve the needs of mothers with babies.


The philosophy of Tema Ridge is simple: quality is not negotiable. This approach to providing educational services drives us to passionately insist on the highest standards of delivery and behaviour of our staff. The school currently has two academic heads who oversee the delivery of our Primary and JHS academic programmes and monitor the performance of teaching staff.

The school currently offers the BECE curriculum and provides the necessary facilities at all levels to ensure our learning outcomes are met. At Tema Ridge, we invest in human resources and therefore we are always careful to assemble a good graduate team of educators that can deliver to the expected standard.


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