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"Educating Tomorrow's Generation Today!"

Welcome to Tema Ridge School, where dreams begin. Children are our greatest asset and they will carry our dreams into the future. Therefore, preparing our children to position themselves strongly in an ever-increasing competitive global environment is critical and it begins now, while they are young and teachable. This is the passion that drives us in Tema Ridge School to achieve excellence in providing quality education that is both relevant and holistic. To us, quality is non-negotiable. To parents, both current and prospective, we are happy to be partners with you in delivering good quality education to your children to ensure a firm foundation is developed for solid academic performance. At Tema Ridge School, we believe in investing in the future of our children and that means giving them a good education today - a good headstart.

Our children must excel if they will have a place on the world stage of commerce, technology, medicine, arts and leadership among others. This is our vision and one we will like to achieve with you. If this is your vision too, you have come to the right place.As parents you have a part to play in making this happen. It begins with a choice, the choice of a good school and an earnest desire to work collaboratively with us. Our responsibility as educators is to invest our talent,, time, resources and passion in producing the best, and our absolute trust is in God. Finally, we beleive in the complete education of an individual (ie academic , social and spiritual). We are a Christian school and uphold the virtues and attributes that make an individual both valuable and of service to his fellow man. Welcome to where your dream begins.



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